A Little About me!

Welcome to my not so secret diary!…57244861_700338460427224_3335012746644983920_n

This blog is a creative outlet for me to share all my latest looks with you all, and share my opinions on all the latest styles & trends! Not only will this content be fashion, but will also cover beauty, skincare and health and fitness!!

I work within the fashion industry and studied at the Fashion Retail Academy in London. I am currently living in the wonderful city of Cambridge! The point of this blog is to share an insight of my life, and hopefully inspire and encourage some of you to experiment with your style as it forever changing and constantly doing a 360!

I would best describe my style as quite urban, chic and minimal. I aim to share positivity and any lifestyle advice that might benefit someone through the experiences I’ve had!

I hope you enjoy this blog and seek inspiration from my style! Follow my Instagram; abbeydeadman if you want to see more!…


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