The Toughest Decisions… What to wear!?

A tough old decision for me on Saturday was choosing which trousers … Black or stone !? Have a read and see if you agree with my choice!

A family christening, how fancy do I go? Is a dress too much? Do I need to wear heels? All these questions were whizzing round my mind Saturday morning! We haven’t had a christening in my family for such a long time and I feel as though it’s one of those occasions where it goes one of two ways. Really uber casual where jeans and a nice top is ok, or dressed up to the nines! It’s always so tough guessing which! Luckily for me I was perfectly fine… wasn’t the same story for my brother though who rocked up in toggled trousers a plain shirt and trainers!

I had finally decided to wear this really cute V neck cut out bodysuit, when the next problem arose. Which bloody trousers to wear!? I had originally settled for the stone straight legs but something just wasn’t right. I think it just felt a bit too muted, I had also worn something similar to a family occasion before and wanted something a little bolder. And what better than mono! I really love mixing black and white together at the moment, I’m really trying to steer clear of your boring blacks and whites, and desperately trying to have a bright and beautiful wardrobe for summer, but obviously couldn’t help myself here!

After mulling over I went with the black wide leg trousers, I’m so glad I did too, I got so many compliments on my outfit. I really love the whole feel of this look, it’s so simple yet with the added extra’s like the pearl double lined hair grip, nude strappy heels and my yellow bag it creates a whole new vibe and takes the look to a new level. The outfit can switch too and be a super casual night out look. I went out with my friends after and changed the heels to a pair of trains and put on a plain gold chained necklace and your ready to hit the town! (We don’t tend to dress up much on nights out in Cambridge.)

This was a really comfortable, easy and glamorous outfit. I Hope you agree with me for going with the black trousers too! Outfit details below.

Top – Pretty Little Thing

Trousers – NastyGal

Shoes – New Look

Bag – H&M

Hair Grip – Asos

Earrings – Primark


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