Pretty In Pink

Sorry about the blur on these photo’s, don’t hate me hate the iPhone X 😦

A big comfy sweatshirt is something that is essential to have in your wardrobe whatever the season! I have various colours too of course, but this bright pink is up there with one of my favorites.

I feel like you can wear a sweatshirt with anything, shorts on a cooler summer night, a skirt, jeans, and a look I’m really loving at the moment… wide leg trousers. I was inspired by one of my friends for this jeans look, shout out to you Maizie! I saw her wearing a black baggy roll neck jumper with wide leg trousers with a contrasting stitch and really wanted to recreate this look. I really like the whole oversized feel and wanted to replicate it, but make it a bit brighter seeing as now it’s spring and put my own twist on it.

My normal instinct would be to wack some trainers with this outfit, but this time I decided to try something different and pair it with some boots. I love these shoes, they constantly get complimented on, and they aren’t too high so I don’t struggle wearing them all day! (Bonus) I actually got them in the M&S sale, again a store I would never normally shop at. I happened to come across them while comp shopping at work and thought that these were way to good to ignore!

I’ve also worn this jumper on a different occasion with my leather trousers and trainers. This was on a more wintery day and I needed to wrap up warm, and what better to keep you warm than tight leather trousers eh! I really liked this look as it was a quick throw your hair up and shove on some clothes I’m going to be late morning, but I still think I look really stylish and on trend.

This jumper is so warm and comfy and only cost me £20 from Asos (you’re soon starting to see where the majority of my wardrobe is from!!) I would rate it 10/10 for quality and comfort and recommend you all to invest in one! Rest of the outfit is listed below!

Jumper – Asos

Jeans – Zara

Boots – M&S

Hair grip – Asos

Earrings – Primark

Leather Trousers – Zara

Trainers – Nike

Bag – Topshop


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