Is It Summer Yet?

It’s hot but not too hot. Dilemma. What the hell do you wear? You want to make the most of the sun finally coming out, but don’t quite trust that it’s going to stay like this for the whole day. Are you sensing that I don’t quite trust the British weather? You are correct. I’m sure many of you have got over excited that it’s really warm and ended up regretting it after a few hours when the sun goes back in and you are left bloody freezing.

That’s exactly whats happened to me here, so here is the outfit I have chosen! I’ve actually owned this jumpsuit for about 6 months now and only worn it twice, both times recently. It was one of those purchases that when it arrives it looks completely different to what it did online. I originally bought it to wear to a friends festival themed party and was planning to dress it up with a bright neon bum bag, and stick and load of glitter everywhere. Online the jumpsuit was really cinched in at the waist and was a nicer wash of denim. When it arrived I thought it was ok, and never bothered to send it back as it thought it would have it’s day. It’s been sat in my wardrobe for so long now, but I finally have decided that I really like it and it’s a really cool summer outfit. I would advise that if you want this fitted and tight on the waist to size down, I got a size 10 in this and defiantly think a size 8 would have been better fit. Mine is quite loose and doesn’t do anything to show off any curves!

I have completely dressed this down here, but you could easily add a nice jacket, some cool heels, big earrings and a cute mini bag to fit this in with a evening look. As you can see I’m just on a dog walk, so nothing fancy needed here. (I promise I will start to do a few more dressier looks, I do get dressed up occasionally!) Denim is going to be a really big trend this summer and I expect we will see playsuits and jumpsuits everywhere!! I just really started to like this jumpsuit because it is so loose fitting and comfortable. It’s perfect to wear on a hot day and has a open back (sorry really hard to see on the picture, you’ll have to zoom in), so where it’s a bit plain on the front it’s got the detail on the back to make it stand out a bit more. I’ve worn a t-shirt with it as I think it creates a more casual vibe but you could wear this just as is and you’ve got a really urban street inspired look.

My sunglasses are of course inspired by Kourtney K, again I think these will be everywhere over summer as the smaller sunglasses are a huge trend in all different shapes. Cat-eye being up there with one of my faves but i really like the oval shape too. They look so cute, especially on a beach with your bikini or swimming costume, you would literally look like a insta model!

I would rate this jumpsuit an 8/10, it only cost me £20 so can’t complain really. Outfit Details are below…

Jumpsuit – Asos

T-shirt – Primark

Trainers – Topshop

Socks – Nike

Sunglasses – River Island

Earrings – Primark


One response to “Is It Summer Yet?”

  1. Nice write up!! You are looking cool in this outfit. Hope to see you at my blog soon.


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