My Instagram Icon’s

My Instagram Icon’s

A bit of a different post tonight, I thought I would share my 4 favorite Instagram influencers/models with you. I get a lot of inspiration for my style and outfits off Instagram and wanted to share some of the people I love in the hope it could inspire some of you too! Instagram is normally my guide to a fashionable wardrobe after all …

No.1 …

Tia Liniker, I’m sure you’ve heard of her before, and yes she is related to the Linikers! I looooove her style, I see her wearing literally anything and I instantly want it. Shes so good at wearing plain and simple outfits and bringing it all together and creating a chic edgy vibe just by adding a few accessories. I really enjoy her Instagram not only because she is insanely beautiful, but also because she is constantly travelling around the word. She really fuels my wants and needs for my wardrobe and if you have similar style to me you defiantly wont be disappointed in giving her a follow!


Emma Leger, an LA girl so undoubtedly she has amazing fashion sense. I’ve only come across her Instagram recently but have been completely obsessed since. Her style is so fresh and minimal and I really like how really she wears really muted colours but adds a really bright shoe or accessory to add a pop of colour and edginess to the outfit. Her outfits are also so easy to recreate too so a really good person to follow to give you cool and on trend outfit inspo!


Matilda! I’ve followed her for so long now, she dresses a little more out there than I normally would but sometimes I get brave and go a little crazier with her influence! She is always in bight and beautiful outfits and her pictures are always so different. Her style is really vintage and urban, a little different to first two. She also travels the world, so she posts a lot of travelling photo’s on her insta too, careful though it will make you want to be on holiday 24/7!

No.4 …

Louisa Jayne, another incredibly beautiful lady. Her style is slightly different to the others, I would describe it as really contemporary and boho. I find her to be slightly more girly and if I want a cute date night outfit she is normally the first person I would go to to give me an idea of what to wear. Her outfits are always really clean and slick, I defiantly wouldn’t mind swapping wardrobe’s with her that’s for sure! I think she would be an amazing person to follow over summer, I can’t wait to see what she wears on her travels!

I hope you liked this style of blog, and if you don’t already I would defiantly urge you to give these ladies a follow!!

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