6 Wardrobe Essentials You Need This Summer

A quick and easy guide to some big on trend fashion statement pieces that you need in your wardrobe this summer!

A bright and colourful oversized jacket! Essential!! A perfect easy piece to throw on top of some shorts and a crop top to keep you up to date with the trends and keep you insta ready. A must have I would say, when your wearing something dull and dark, pop this on and it brings your look to life and is so chic. You can pick these up anywhere from as cheap as £20, would be silly not to really!

A neon co-od! They literally don’t need justifying. I think these are stunning. Perfect for holidays, nights out, dinners, or even just causally during the day. With a dark tan these co-ord sets are so flattering and the easiest outfit that brings such a cool stylish vibe. Dress it down with trainers and a jacket for during the day, or pop on a pair of heels and some hoop earrings for your night out! I truly don’t think you can go wrong with these, so affordable and comfortable too.

A baggy oversized t-shirt dress, noticing the trend with everything being oversized? How amazing that this is now a thing and you can feel so comfortable and free while staying super on trend. I really like large men’s t-shirts with biker shorts underneath too, something that was huge last year and will continue to be over summer! Such an effortless look achieving massive edgy street vibes. I’m such a trainer person too so this might be another reason why I love this look!

Denim utility jump suit/dress. Denim is a huge fashion statement this summer, you really can’t go wrong having one of these utility jumpsuits in your wardrobe. I personally prefer the black with contrasting stitching but equally the blue denim looks just as nice. I think they are really edgy and have this tomboyish feel to them that I really like. Their are quite a lot of girly trends this season and I like that the big and bulky look is making a come back.

Boho inspired mini dress, super cute and easy. I think these are so pretty and really great for evening drinks or on holiday. Off the shoulder tops and dresses are really flattering and so light weight. Literally perfect for a holiday evening when you just want to throw something thin and cool on, but still look really fashionable and like you’ve made an effort. I always find that I buy loads of outfits for holidays, and when I get there its always the loose fitting light tops and dresses that I end up wearing as I’m too hot and sticky! I’ve seen this style of dress in all different colours and they all look amazing! I’m really flying with the neon trend personally but even as a little black dress it’s really cute and carries that boho vibe.

Knee length shorts! Wow, what a throw back!! I remember wearing these in my tomboy years when they really weren’t cool. Paired with a crop top I think this might be one of my favorite trends for summer. Add a little sandal heel and a cute bag and you’ll look like an insta model instantly! These will be everywhere I recon, picture a black denim pair with a silky satin white shirt, a strappy crop top, pastel sandals and bag. If that doesn’t scream chic summer fashion I don’t know what will!

Hope some of these styles have inspired you to update your summer wardrobes and get on top of the fashion trends! Xoxoxox


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