The Winter Weather Returns

Didn’t last long did it? Don’t know why we are all surprised that it’s the middle of June and pissing it down, we are in England! In line of the miserable weather I have created an outfit with some duller colours, but hopefully you’ll agree that they work really nicely together for this smart/casual look.

I’ve had these trousers for quite a while now, I originally wore them on my birthday night out with a black bodysuit. Since washing them I find the quality has really deteriorated and I don’t enjoy wearing them anymore. The pockets on them stick out now and create this really weird looking waist line, not flattering at all! The zip part of the trouser too now stands away from your stomach no matter how much you iron it down and kind of gives you this ‘belly’ look that you defiantly don’t want to create. I am really disappointed in these as they were from Topshop and £40! Everything else about them I really like… the length, and the way they are tighter on the thigh but wider on the rest of the leg, also the check design and colour but to me the fit is everything.

I’ve worn them on this rainy day because I was wearing a jacket and was able to hide the fit around the waist, safe to say this would be the only way I would wear them. I’ve chosen a black long sleeved body suit to partner these trousers with, just because I wanted something plainer as I was just trying to create this casual look. My black denim jacket seemed perfect, a good length with the trousers, and again plain and comfortable. Off course I wanted something to brighten my look so cue the yellow bag! I’ve worked out that I always have a statement piece in my outfits and 9 times out of 10 it’s an accessory!

My trainers you can hardly see in the photo, probably a good thing for some of you as they are fake Alexander McQueens! I’m not usually one to wear fakes or ‘wannabe lookalikes’, but I really do like the look and shape of these trainers but obviously not got a spare £350 to buy them! I think that where they are just a plain design and not trying to be something they’re not, these ASOS dupes are really great! Super comfy, cheap, and who doesn’t need another pair of trainers!? They cost me £28……

Hope you like this look! Don’t tuck you winter wardrobe away just yet……. Details below….

Troursers – Topshop

Bodysuit- NastyGal

Jacket – Urban Outfitters

Trainers – Asos


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