Golden Hour

Perfectly timed this golden hour didn’t I! I decided to post tonight with my outfit for my brothers birthday meal. Nothing too fancy as we are going away in a couple of days and will celebrate properly then, so just a pub night for us here! I always think that pub outfits are so tricky sometimes, depends where, when, who with and what kind of mood you are in.

I always decide that I like a really chilled out casual look when I go to the pub, you’re going to relax – well in my case  anyway 😉 I did use to work in a pub though so I don’t see the glamorous side of getting all dolled up to spend the night in one – can appreciate why people do though! Here I have opted for a ‘jeans and a nice top’. I must say, in my head I’ve thought about putting this outfit together for a while and never imagined it to look as nice as what it does!

My shirt is obviously quite dressy due to the way it is cut, however I feel it is still appropriate to wear at other occasions other than the club scene, you’re not showing anything really are you!? The tortoise effect on the buckle gives the shirt just that little bit more personality. You can’t quite see here on the photo but the sleeves are slightly ballooned that I really like. I am a big fan of a puffy sleeve/ shoulder but I know some people hate it! Its’ ever so slightly though on this shirt so I wouldn’t let this put you off.

My jeans are Topshop…. Who doesn’t own a pair of Topshop jeans eh! I want to say trustworthy and reliable but sadly I can’t. I’m not too sure why I continue to buy jeans from Topshop, they never last amazingly long, the colour fades, and the fit holds probably for about 5 washes! Not the greatest characteristics for a pair of jeans. Saying all this, I still continue to buy them. I think this is just down to the fact that I really like the way they fit the first few times you buy them, they tend to be fine after you have just washed them but during the day they do get quite baggy around the crotch. Anyway, these are a pair I’ve had for about 3 months – they are the Mom fit, wouldn’t say I would agree with the ‘Mom’ label but I do like the way they are fitted but loose.

Jeans really compliment this shirt I feel and bring it down to a bit more of a chilled evening look rather than fancy drinks and dinner that you could achieve with some black wide leg trousers or even leather trousers. I’ve worn my mules here – now you can see them in the flesh! I didn’t want to wear trainers, and felt like that might alter the look I was looking to achieve.

I’ve got tiny little hoops in as I didn’t want anything too in your face as I think my lipstick does enough of that! I love a red lip, if you’re a regular reader you will know this. I could of gone for a nude, but was feeling like being bright! I also matched against my bag! (Sorry it’s just a red clutch bag, didn’t take a photo) I do really like linking parts of my outfits together with either accessories or makeup, I feel it makes you look just that little bit more put together.

Hope you like this look! XO

Shirt – Pretty Little Thing

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – ASOS

Bag – Zara

Earrings – Pretty Little Thing


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  1. love this outfit…jeans and a nice top is always the best combo!

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