‘Seaside Chaos’

And I’m back from my very rainy, wet, cold English seaside holiday! Completely typical that we choose to go in the week where it was best described as ‘seaside chaos’. Never the less, we are back, and I do have a few cute looks to keep yourself all wrapped up nice and warm this ‘summer’.

So firstly, I have one of my faves of the few outfits I will be sharing with you. I also tried a few different ways of taking pictures to try and make this a little more interesting for all you readers out there!  So here we are ….

These trousers are from Nasty Gal, I actually get complimented on these everywhere I go! They’re such a lovely dusty pink colour, they are complimentary with darker colours I feel, that is why I have partnered them up with this black body. They are so easy to wear and just float around your legs. Wide legged trousers are definitely a trend I know a lot of us women are really enjoying – nothing skin tight and clinging onto every inch of your body – yay! The long belt drapes down your side, creating this illusion that you have really long legs. I also like the length on the belt coming down past your knees as it just gives the outfit a really floaty light feel to it, the bodysuit’s tight around your torso so its nice to have the contrast to the bottom half. The top is from Prettylittlething, a classic go to for things like this and wardrobe essentials! It just takes a nice little twist on a plain long sleeve top, by lowering the neck line and showing a little bit more skin.

My necklace is from Accessorise, I really love the colour green at the moment – sure you will soon see that in my wardrobe!… I think it’s a nice bold statement piece that grabs your eye, and I like that! My earrings are also from Accessories, a big bulk buy of jewelry as you can see, they are little oval pearl discs, I like them because they are really cute and dainty but still noticeable. Obvs gone with my comfiest pair of trainers for a day on the beach (I’m also not scared of these getting dirty so all is good!) and who doesn’t love Air Max. I have teamed all this with my mini shoulder bag from ASOS, because all these colours look so good together!

The second look and third look I am sharing do both have the same trousers, soz! I have also blogged them before too….. sorry I do own other trousers I promise!! I just really clung on to them while I was away because they were so warm!! So here they are, the famous leather trousers.

My shirt is from Topshop, it looks good both tied up and turned into a crop or loose and untucked how I have worn it here. I have worn it a few times with denim jeans and it has looked really nice and edgy. Here I have styled it with my khaki Zara utility jacket. The colours obviously blend really nicely together and you have this baggy loose fitting top half and then on the bottom you have the tight skinny leather trousers. Not too much else to say about this, I’ve worn with my chunky Topshop trainers and River Island sunglasses and used the same bag again!

So my final look to show you is a very simple one, I’ve gone again for the leather trousers but have decided to throw my boyfriends big hoodie over the top. Oversized – perfect! To add a little more to the outfit I have gone for a bright bag and a bright red lip. I have my pink Nike 97’s too to add that little bit of colour and then match kind of with my shoes! I just really like how the jumper is so big and covers your bum and feels like your wearing a dress – so cosy! It is perfect street fashion too so always on trend! The trousers have just that lovely shiny effect and take the twist on the look to be a little dressier and up to date.

I know my outfits aren’t always glitz and glam and I do prefer a simple look but I think the key to looking stylish and on trend without spending loads of money on expensive clothing is accessorising! It honestly is the easiest way to add a bit more to your look without changing the clothing, you don’t even need to spend lots either. Costume jewellery goes a long way!

Hope you liked these looks, details are below!

Look 1 –

Trousers – NastyGal

Top – PrettyLittleThing

Shoes – Nike Air Force

Accessories – Accessorise

Bag – ASOS

Look 2 –

Trousers – Zara

Top – Topshop

Jacket – Zara

Shoes – Topshop

Sunglasses – River Island

Bag – ASOS

Look 3-

Trousers – Zara

Jumper – Champion (not sure where but you can always find these on ASOS)

Shoes – Nike 97’s

Bag – Topshop

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