Styling With Abbey!

I am really excited to announce that I am starting up my own styling business. I have been planning this for a really long time and can finally say now that it is ready and I am really eager to hopefully start working with some of my readers! If you are interested in teaming up with me and letting me delve into your wardrobe, to help you stay up to date with all the latest trends for the season then you have a very fun experience awaiting you!

Do you always struggle to find the perfect outfit for a really special occasion? Want to stand out from the crowd but have no idea how? Not know how to dress according to your body type? You are in luck, these are all things I absolutely love to do, and have gained huge confidence through my blog enabling me to offer my expertise to you and your wardrobe!

If you need anything from as little as an online shopping basket of potential fashion statements for certain events, to having a complete wardrobe revamp then I’m your gal! Having helped friends and family before I know that sometimes having someone for a little support while shopping and pushing your out your comfort zone to try that something different you’ve always thought about trying is key! Not everyone has the time to spend hours flicking through catwalks and magazines to find what is going to be popular in the up coming weeks, to stay on top of the ever changing trends – thats why you could do with my help! I will be signing onto regular fashion courses to feed me more information and knowledge in this crazy fast paced industry.

Why should you use me? Well, I like to think that my blog is good backing for me and shows that I do love fashion and always stay up to date with all the latest trends. Fashion is something I’ve always been passionate about – cliche huh!? I attended the Fashion Retail Academy in London and have a Level 4 Fashion Buying diploma where I covered all aspects of the industry, a few examples being design, garment tech and trend analysis. I have also worked a year in the industry as an assistant buyer so understand how everything works behind the scenes!

If this interests you, then you can contact me on or 07305501165 to get some more information. I really hope to hear from you!!

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