Are we ready for Autumn?

With summer coming close to it’s end, its time to start thinking about getting some Autumn essentials into your wardrobe. I’ve made a few of my purchases already – with pay day and all that!

The transition is on in these awkward next months as we slowly grow closer to the colder weather, who can tell though if we aren’t going to have a few more of these random heatwaves!? I’m hesitant to put my summer pieces away just yet. I think these canvas khaki high waisted wide leg trousers are a good step forward to building your AW closet of dreams! They are so lightweight which I find makes them really wearable and they aren’t too long that they drag across the floor when your walking. They are just so casual and informal which makes them perfect for just lounging around or if you need to run errands around town or what not! I really like them as they are so plain and the way that they just drape down your leg is just so effortlessly simple.

I’ve paired these trousers with a white long sleeved button down top, I’ve tied it up at the back to shorten the length as I thought it looked better with these trousers than it just being tucked in. This top is lovely material and so thick and although it’s white, not see through – hallelujah! (I find it such a nightmare trying to find tops that are white not to be see through). I choose this top because white and khaki go really nicely together and I just wanted something really comfortable and casual. This top is going to be a favourite across winter I can tell already.

Scruffy hair was a must that day as again shock I woke up late… Will I ever learn? NO! Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to do nice hairstyles, mine just ends up in a bun or a pony tail at the end of the day anyway. My bag I’ve blogged before, my beautiful Topshop shoulder bag, I just love it. Adds so much detail to plainer outfits, and is so easy to wear with anything because it’s black! I’ve just wacked a pair of trainers on with this look as what other shoe would you choose!? Always go for a comfy shoe while trailing around town.

Short post tonight, but hope you like this look! You don’t always have to look fabulous and glam, sometimes just throw on something that makes you feel nice – after all, trackies still remain to be a huge fashion statement!

Top – Zara

Trousers – ASOS

Shoes – Topshop

Bag – Topshop

Earrings – Accessorize

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