Influencers you NEED to follow through Autumn!

Wow, we are already seeing some beautiful winter pieces on Instagram already … definitely giving me outfit envy for sure! Today I am going to share with you some people who I think are worth following to fuel your outfit inspo to have the freshest, most stylish outfits.

Sophia Tuxford & Cinzia Zullo

These just come as a duo, inseparable best friends who literally thrive off looking amazing! If you don’t know them already they are 21 year old youtubers who pretty much live for fashion, they do regular clothing hauls which I find so helpful and find myself buying pretty much everything they recommend!! They are the perfect people to follow if you like keeping up with the quick changing trends and shopping mostly online from fast fashion stores like Pretty Little Thing and NastyGal! They also buy a lot from House of CB and have some lovely chic pieces that are really beautiful (also show where you can buy dupes for some of the bits as they are £££)

Naomi Genes

After launching a really successful clothing brand mainly selling coats and Jewellery she has thousands of people following her on insta just to see what amazing jacket she will wear next – well me anyway! Her style is quite plain and simple mainly consisting of a plain t-shirt and jeans, but she does make up for it with her accessories, mainly bags which of course are lavish designer handbags! Just having a baby and getting engaged I would definitely recommend following her to see what kind of amazing outfit she wears for things like the christening and engagement party! Congratulations to her! She really is living her best life right now.

Sarah Holder

Founder of the store Venus Virgo which you should deffo go an check out (venusvirgooffical) on insta this girl really does know how to style herself! Her pictures are always so fresh and clean, and her style is so effortlessly chic and wears the most beautiful colours.  Again shopping at mostly online brands like MissGuided and PLT you can easily imitate a lot of her outfits. I really enjoy how she makes a lot of simple clothing like a plain white crop look absolutely amazing by styling up with so many lovely accessories and pairing with a quirky pair of trousers and blazer.

Barbra Kristoffersen

Just an everyday girl from Copenhagen with the best Instagram page! Her feed is lovely to look at, she wears lots of pastel and monochrome which are always good to have in your wardrobe, what I like most is just how simple her outfits are. If you looked through your own closet I bet you would find some items that you could easily throw on to replicate some of her looks! Her page shows that you don’t need designer pricey clothing to look the best, you don’t need to have the labels to look fashionable!

Sofia Boman

Living in Melbourne and taking such lovely dynamic photos she is definitely worth a follow! I love her Instagram page as I feel that her pictures are slightly different to some of the other influencers. You will probably think I’m crazy as they aren’t dissimilar at all but I take something different from them. I feel that her photos always focus on one piece from the outfit, either the blazer, the hat, the earrings or the shoes. They feel really refreshing to me and it makes me want to buy a specific part of the outfit rather than the whole look in general.

Hopefully you will like these people as much as I do! They are great people to follow and I’m always keen to see what looks they are going to show next!


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