Keepin’ It Muted

Wow, well… I have always hated white & cream jeans. Now I am about to eat my words. I was casually scrolling through ASOS and I came across these jeans, not my normal style at all! But I mean, come on they really are something special. What really made me change my opinion on this particular shade of jeans was seeing the model in a lovely thick cosy knitted jumper, black croc print boots and a woollen bucket hat. That was it, next thing I knew they were in my basket and I was checking out!

I see a lot of potential in these trousers, I have planned a fair few outfits with them already, also spent my next months pay check in my head! You could pair with a bodysuit, baggy t-shirt, big knit or even just a hoodie and look really cool! I wore a cropped black t-shirt with these on the weekend and accessorized with my shoulder bag, these are all plain muted colours so I thought they would blend really well.

I love the frill at the bottom of these jeans, and the shape is so flattering. I like that they are true to the word ‘wide leg’ and not actually tight at the thighs and wide from the knees, this is a constant problem for me buying jeans! I hugely recommend these to EVERYONE!! Perfect for all shapes, sizes and ages!

I am still yet to have my mind changed on men wearing this colour jean/ trouser… really not a fan!!

Wanted to share this post to hopefully change some more opinions on cream jeans! 😉

Jeans – Vero Moda

Top – Pretty Little Thing

Shoes – Nike

Bag – Asos


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