Impossible Weather

Impossible Weather

What weird horrible weather, probably the most unpredictable few weeks in choosing what to wear in the mornings. I’ve literally been changing some days when I get home into something different as it’s not been weather appropriate! This is not what you want if you have an on the go job or are constantly on the move. I’ve put together a few outfits that are perfect for this annoying in between weather we have been having…

So my first look is for a evening of chilling or maybe a few casual drinks at the pub,. Still fashionable but definitely more of a slouchy look and aimed more for a comfortable relaxing day/night. These trousers are from NastyGal, not the most expensive and you can tell by the quality – I don’t think these will last very long so not too sure I would recommend if your wanting something long lasting. If you want just to lounge around in or for a few wears then they would definitely be suitable! They have multiple colours, varying in Beige, Black, White and this Green. I choose the Green because it’s different and makes outfits a lot more interesting over your boring blacks and whites. The pockets are placed in a nice place and you can actually use them! (not like those annoying ones that are just for show.) I also like the detailing with the buttons at the waist rather that just a plain button and zipper, it adds some extra personality.

I’ve paired a plain black bodysuit with these because I was just feeling something plain and simple. My top is from Urban Outfitters and from Tommy Hilfiger, I like this top because although it is just a plain black body it has some extra details, the ‘Tommy’ band down the left side of the top and the low back, the back is really flattering and makes the whole look in general really stylish and fashionable.  You could easily wack on a pair of trainers to this look and create more of a sporty vibe, throw on a jacket that reflects the weather and you are set. This outfit is perfect for these dodgy days! (These trousers also look amazing with a pair of clear heals …. Blog post pending!!)

I actually wore this outfit to the beach, and luckily enough we had some really nice weather – thank god! This look can be adapted with colder weather but I would recommend checking in advance that you know it is going to be warmer than 10 degrees! I think this is a really clean fresh look, I like it because its not too girly even though your wearing a skirt! Some people won’t touch skirts as they have this negative ‘girly girl’ perception on them, that’s not the case at all! There are so many ways to wear skirts and dresses creating the urban streetwear, tomboyish vibe. This skirt is from Vera Modo, I bought it from…. Can you guess? Yes, Asos. I prefer to wear this skirt with baggy t-shirts tucked in or even a big oversized sweatshirt tucked in at the front. I think the wash is a lot more casual when you want to just chuck a belt on and pair with something plain. If you were wanted something a bit more dressy and appropriate for work I would suggest black as it would look really nice with skirts and blouses!

I have already blogged this top before so I won’t bore you repeating myself! It’s from Zara and definitely very durable with amazing fabric! I’ve washed it 5-10 times now and it is exactly the same quality as I first bought it! Can always rely on Zara! I have worn trainers with this as I was going to the beach and doing lots of walking, but you could wear with biker boots or some little ankle boots and look really cute and chic! If it’s a bit cold and you need a coat I think that this look would look best with a black long puffer coat!

So this one is super quick and easy… Throw on a big fluffy jumper with some straight leg jeans. I think that in this season a bright coloured jumper and a pair of jeans will be an amazing look! Everyone likes there plain beiges and blacks, but why not stand out a little more and wear a bold colour? I can’t really talk because most of my wardrobe is muted colours but I’m working on it 😉 … Always oversized, big baggy and beautiful is the moto! Also ladies, when you wear bigger fitting clothing on your top half and skinnier trousers you create the illusion of having longer thinner legs! This outfit would be topped of perfectly by adding a long trench coat, I think with the colours that I’m wearing here a light khaki colour would look amazing! I wore this to work running around back and forth so again wore trainers, but I think that this outfit would have looked better if I threw on some boots!

Hope that you like these looks, I am going to start aiming to blog more than one outfit in a post so fuel you with maximum clothes inspo! Let me know if there are any looks that you want me to create in the next few weeks! Xoxox

Outfit 1:

Trousers – NastyGal

Top- Urban Outfitters (Tommy Hilfiger)

Necklace – Accessories

Ring- Independent Jewellery Store

Outfit 2:

Skirt – Vera Moda

Top- Zara

Bag – Stadivarius

Socks – Topshop

Shoes – Nike Air Force

Outfit 3:

Jeans – Topshop

Jumper – H&M

Shoes – Topshop

Socks – Nike

Earrings – Primark

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