Wrapin’ Up Warm

Oooooo it’s nippy isn’t it. Time to start making your coat purchases! I absolutely adore this new jacket I bought from Topshop. You will have seen these over Instagram no doubt recently, and I’m telling you … go out and buy one! They come in many various colours, neon yellow, black, pink and I’m sure in other stores many more. This jacket completely makes an outfit if you choose to wear it as I did buttoned up and tied with the belt. So chic and sophisticated! Or equally could wear undone and over the top of your outfit. I have many visions for this jacket, I’m imagining a turtle neck, chain and a furry bucket hat so that perfect winter look! 

The quality of this jacket is great, I found a black one that I really liked in Zara and was set on buying it, but my friend made me go and check out the Topshop one first and I’m so glad she did. If you know somewhere that sells a version of a piece of clothing you want I would always recommend going and having a look at them both rather than just buying the one you saw first. (I’m so guilty of this) The Topshop jacket was so much thicker and definitely will be a lot more hard wearing than the Zara. IT was more of a flimsy shirt rather than a winter jacket. I love the button detailing too on the Topshop version, it shouted Emma Leger vibes at me as I put it on (Instagrammer, her style is amazing) so I knew it was defiantly for me!

My jeans are from the Stassie edit at MissGuided, not somewhere I tend to shop but these jeans are amazing and so flattering so how could I not?! I had a little trouble with the sizing, I opted for a 10 which fits absolutely perfect around my legs and the length but around the waist they are way to big. I regularly have this problem though and can easily be sorted with a belt! Ripped jeans have made a huge comeback, I didn’t think I’d get on board but I have and I don’t regret it. I think that these are going to so easy to wear over winter, especially with big thick knits and cropped cardigans – you’ll see these everywhere on sites like PLT and NastyGal!

Both these items can be easily accessorized and dressed up for your more formal occasions (probably not so much the jeans, but pretty workable for a nice dinner and drinks or night out!) or even dressed down, with the jacket left open you have that big oversized leather jacket look that will make your outfits look a lot more casual and everyday.

Hope you like the look! Details below…

Coat – Topshop

Jeans – MissGuided

Shoes – Topshop

Bag – ASOS


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