Zebra Vibes

A new winter jumper to add to the collection! I’m a fan of a print so this jumper jumped straight out at me, I like it because its subtle but still the main statement in your outfit. Well for me anyway. Not the most exciting outfit to blog but they all can’t be can they!

So the jumper is from Pretty Little Thing, only £25! I normally hold myself back buying jumpers off sites like PLT or NastyGal… Just because they aren’t the greatest of quality and normally don’t look as the picture does online. But you can’t always fork out £40 on jumpers can you, so I thought I would risk it. Well, lucky for me it payed off because I’m really happy with it. I think I just need to be careful with washing it and maybe avoid the washing machine and wash by hand. I ruined too many jumpers last year to go through the same this winter.  Like I say the print is quite subtle due to the colours of the jumper, but that makes it perfect to wear in causal situations or even at work like I’ve done! I got mine in the size M/L, but I would buy slightly bigger if there was the option. Defiantly do not buy S/M if you don’t want it to be really short and tight… This jumper is perfect to wear with literally anything, a skirt, jeans, smart trousers, leather trousers, shorts… It’s one of those lovely pieces that you can adapt to wear with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

So I have posted 2 looks with this jumper, one for a pub night out where I just went to chill with some friends, and one where I have worn to work. Now  I’m very lucky when it comes to my job, I can pretty much wear anything casual as long as its not scruffy jeans and a top. But I think if you worked in an office where you did have to dress a little smarter you could still get away with wearing it how I Have in the picture, or even with a nice plain black skirt. I chose to wear with my black long wide leg trousers, smart and presentable. I was very comfortable and felt very fashionable all day – always a nice feeling! My other look I have worn with my jogger styled leather trousers. They are honestly so comfy and wearable, pair with a plain bodysuit and the trousers themselves will make up the outfit!

I’ve worn my big stompy ankle boots as I just wanted something really chunky on my feet and I feel it makes it more of a wintery look. They are quite bulky and I don’t wear them very often so when I saw an opportunity I took it! This outfit would also look great if you wore with trainers or even a strappy heel or a heeled boot! Hope this is look you guys would want to recreate 🙂

Trousers – NastyGal

Leather Trousers – Asos

Jumper – Pretty Little Thing

Boots- Head Over Heels


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