Beautiful Neutrals

So I experienced the biggest heartbreak this morning…. I ripped my favourite pair of trousers, to say I’m devastated would be an understatement! Maybe the diet needs to start again…. I don’t think there is a worse noise to hear than a big old rip, especially after you’ve been planning an outfit for a few days! This is where I had to compromise and I don’t think the outcome was too bad if I do say so myself!

This jumper is a dream, literally the softest thing, it’s so cosy and thick so will keep you warm as this horrible weather seems to get worse. When I bought this though I did see it more as a jumper, but I think the design of it is meant to be more of a knit dress? Obviously didn’t read the description very well! I ordered a size medium so I could pass it off as a dress, would just be slightly on the shorter side… I chose to ignore this and wore it as I wanted originally (just tuck the front in), I think it looks really cool and oversized so I was pleased. I think the colour is beautiful, you could wear with anything really and still look really clean and fresh. Turtle necks are obviously in for Winter, when aren’t they!? So it is so easy to create a high fashion outfit using the most simplistic items of clothing – what more could you want?

Due to my trousers ripping …. Still hitting me hard, I opted for my jogger styled leather bottoms. I think they look amazing for the look I was going for, probably more than the outfit I was originally planning. I really like these trousers, but only when I wear a belt with them to pull me in at the waist – otherwise I feel really shapeless and feel like they eat me up. You can imagine these are comfy trousers, and I confirm they are. Although, they are noisy when you walk sometimes with the legs catching together! Things like that don’t bother me too much, but my mum on the other hand I know this would drive her insane! I don’t think I would recommend these trousers, I think you could find them someone else for a lot cheaper.

You have already seen the jacket in a previous blog post, but as you can see I love wearing it, so expect some more appearances! It just really worked with the outfit and I think gave it more of a smarter sophisticated edge to it. My boots too, I have mentioned before, but big bulky shoes with this largely oversized outfit was just perfect.

Some other things you could add to this look would be a bag, I did but it didn’t make the picture! I just used a simple black clutch bag but you could add some colour with something a bit brighter, I think that a smaller bag though would look best as the outfit itself is large and baggy. Trainers would equally look great and match a kind of streetwear vibe.

Hope you like the look…

Jumper – H&M

Coat – Topshop

Trousers – ASOS

Boots – Head Over eels


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