Birthday Brunchin’

Well, I’m another year older… another year wiser eh? That’s how I’m going to look at it! I wanted to share my birthday look with you, everyone always wants to look amazing and feel their best on their special day and I think I have found some absolutely golden pieces that did that for me!

So I wanted to find a really cute outfit to wear to the bottomless brunch I was going to with my lovely boyfriend. I’ve been to one of these before so I knew that I wanted to wear something super light and comfortable as I was about to drink my body weight in cocktails! Nothing too fitted just in case you get really bloated – worst nightmare! I decided to opt for my ripped jeans, they are super comfy and make whatever I wear a little edgy and bring the street -wear vibes. As we were going to London I wanted to wear something really cool – (what is it with everyone in London? They always just have the most amazing fashion sense, I always get huge clothes envy!)

With my jeans decided I wanted to find a cute but simple top to wear, I was scrolling through ASOS when I came across this really pretty top from BooHoo. I would never shop with BooHoo as personally I have never had good experiences. (Bad quality and fit). But this was just too cute to ignore, I had a nightmare trying to get my hand on this top though as it was always out of stock, obviously very popular. I can tell you I was not disappointed, the quality is amazing with the price being so low. I won’t lie to you, at first the sleeves were kind of scratchy with the chiffon material, but after about an hour I was completely used to them and didn’t notice it at all. The actual body of the top is a knit material and has so much give and thickness. I found it to be so comfortable and fitted, an absolute bomb for the price I paid! I was so happy with this top, as you can see from the picture too, it is so chic and is effortlessly glam.

I added a belt with this look as I wanted to add just a litte extra detail as the outfit itself was quite plain. I got the belt from PLT for around £6… so hard wearing and robust, worth every penny. I wore my cream leather jacket just because I think it is really cool and kept to the edgy vibe I was going for. I also just added a pair of trainers as we were walking around all day, and I though if I was to wear some boots or fancy shoes it would make the look quite girly. Necklaces are never a miss, the more the better I say, again just a few extra little details! Night out outfit coming next ….

Top- BooHoo (from ASOS)

Jeans – MissGuided

Belt – PLT


One response to “Birthday Brunchin’”

  1. A happy birthday then!
    Joy, beautiful encounters, a maximum of good things for you



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