Re-use, Re-wear, Recycle!

Firstly I want to apologise for taking such a long break from blogging! But we are back, and certainly not going anywhere as we prepare to start building our exciting spring wardrobes!

I always find March such a dull time with fashion. Obviously we have just seen the drop of everyones Spring/Summer collections, and we start to see spring integrated into our most loved stores/websites. But let’s get real …. unless you are going on an early vacation who would want to start to build their summer wardrobe now? Especially following all these nightmare storms.

You’re still wearing all your winter bits, trying to get the last few wears before you really start to get sick of wearing the thick heavy winter jumpers. Well, I’m with you sisters! I can’t help myself scrolling through endless pages of summer clothes – but it just is too early. We’re not going to be going out in our pretty floral dresses and sun tops are we at the moment. Imagine….

Well, today I am going to help you all with recycling older outfits. Not going to bore everyone with the whole ‘lets be sustainable’ chat, we all know the benefits it can bring- but it’s easier said than done. I know from my own personal experience wearing a brand new top for a night out makes you feel amazing and strong like a new woman! But there are so many ways that you can introduce older tops/jumpers/trousers into your daily/night out looks and making them look unrecognisable!

You’ll see some examples of me re-using outfits. You can see how old some of the tops are by how young I look in some of the photos…

Clothing envy is real and it is a hard battle to fight with your head. But before you go throwing money around like it’s going out of fashion consider taking a look at some of the older items you have and mixing them up with something you wouldn’t normally think of. Be brave! Use that £20 on 4 more drinks for your night out 😉

Always wear jeans and a nice top on a night out? Why not use that strappy black top you’ve worn a few times and pair it up this time with a skirt, or a pair of flared trousers? Because you have changed the bottoms that you normally wear it with, no one will even notice you’ve worn that top before!

Change up your accessories, play around with your hair, do a different coloured lip. If you wore trainers, think about heels.

I know this is a bit of an odd post, but I have been speaking to a few different people about this recently and everyone seems to be in the same boat. It really isn’t a big deal to re-wear your clothes. You loved it so much that you bought it, why only wear it once!? As long as you are confident in what you wear, you will feel amazing and therefore you will look amazing! Own it!

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