My Favourite SS20 Trends

While I still don’t have any amazing fashionable outfits to share with you, and am still working on my next fun facts about…. I thought I would post about some of my favourite trends we will see across Summer 2020. (In the hope that we will be aloud to leave our homes by then!)

The one thing that I have noticed while looking further into a few of these trends, is that a big theme flowing through is pieces that have more longevity. I’ve definitely noticed more staple items within the capsules, and pieces that you could adapt into many different styles and occasions. I fully support this as I have been trying desperately hard to incorporate older items of clothing I’ve had from the season before, and throughout last summer.

Playful Prints and Patterns

I’m really excited to build this trend into my Summer 20 wardrobe. Big floaty dresses, silky satin skirts, bold Bermuda shorts. You are definitely set to make a statement in any of these items with a beautiful print. I really appreciate the muted colours with the bright pops and contrasts of colours. I think that it creates a real effortless elegance. While you might not be wearing a very daring silhouette the beauty of the print does all the talking for you. My favourite colour way for patterns and prints this summer is 100% pastels.

Modified Silhouette’s

We saw some reconstructed necklines towards the end of Autumn and entering into Winter (19), and thankfully we can see this repeating itself in Summer 20.We can see the trend being altered further into different shapes of garments. I especially love the way the catsuit has been changed so simply in the picture above recreating the whole identity of the outfit. So modern and fresh with the simplest of adaptions to what normally are very basic items in your wardrobe, now being transformed into catwalk worthy showstopping outfits!

Effortless Simplicity

Who wouldn’t enjoy a trend like this? I think themes like this one subtly run though all the seasons really, but I have seen a lot of dominance particularly this summer. A lot of you will probably find that you carry this look off wonderfully without even realising. Throwing a t-shirt on with a silky satin skirt is easily my favourite (lazy) outfit choice at the moment, but the benefit is you look really put together and like you have put a lot of thought into your look! This is where it will be easy to recycle lots of clothes sitting around in your room, old t-shirts or jumpers left out from Winter are so easy to pair with a nice pair of trousers, jeans, skirt, whatever you fancy! I really enjoy the knitted dresses that have been given a slight revamp by simply using a big belt and accessorising, add a chunky necklace or some big earnings. The dress you probably thought was once quite dull and lifeless now looks 100 $!

Oversized Excellence

Saving the best till last! I know I don’t speak for everyone, but tight figure hugging clothing gives me huge anxiety! We don’t all look like supermodels do we, so why don’t we enjoy our bodies for what they are? Lets not get into that… but really though, this is a trend I’m sure a number of us can get behind. Beautiful long floaty summer dresses will make you look and feel as if your walking down the Amalfi Coast on a beautiful summers evening. (My favourite thing about these dresses – eat as much as you want and you no one can see your food baby!) Blazers are still continuing to be a big trend across summer again, but this time Dad fit Blazers as you can see above. Baggier and bigger than ever, worn over a pair of shorts and a sun top and you’ll look like you belong back in the 80’s! Which is a good thing, I believe so anyway… Another way to tone down a dress you might of been wanting to wear for a while but think it might be a bit too fancy, throw a big blazer over the top and create a slightly more casual outfit. Comfy, classy and super cute.

There’s no time better than now to top up your summer wardrobe – get shopping!


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