Autumn 2020 Trends

With autumn being my favourite season, (for the fashion, not weather!) I’m really excited to share some of the new trends that will be introduced to help you prepare for your gorgeous winter wardrobe!

To start off this A/W20 trend post I wanted to start with a quote from Elizabeth Von De Goltz, global buying director from Net-a-Porter, as she perfectly describes how wearable, staple pieces are a main focus from this years designers/brands.

“This reflects the customer’s desire to make more considered purchases with sustainability in mind by investing now and wearing forever. Our wardrobes will be more hardworking than ever before, featuring well-loved pieces that can be styled in multiple ways and across multiple seasons. Pieces that we will always champion for fall—this season is no exception—are boots, tailoring, outerwear, sumptuous knitwear and, of course, the finishing touches like a beautiful piece of jewellery.”

Cable Knit’s

Cable Knit jumpers are such a staple piece for this year’s wardrobe, its hard to go wrong when there are so many different styles and colour ways to fall for! From cardigans, dresses and skirts this is a really easy trend to integrate into, with super affordable options from so many different stores! One of my favourite places to shop for thick cosy cable knit’s is H&M. Tip for you guys too, if you become a member at the store you can unlock amazing deals, saving you loads of money as you shop with them!

I also love how people are layering up cable knits, buying them a couple of sizes up and throwing over a large shirt or t-shirt and wearing as a dress. The V-neck shape is seen to be making a big statement too! So easy to style with jeans, or pair with a cute knitted skirt for a really cosy winter vibe.

Belted Jackets

A really easy trend to follow with items that you already own from last year. We have seen lots of blazers and jackets replayed into this season, so by throwing your own belt, or simply purchasing a chunky belt, you can really play into this trend without forking out for a new coat/jacket. An elegant, easy and reliable trend to rely on.


I feel as though bodycon dresses are always in the background of most seasons, acting a bit like marmite. Some people adore bodycon dresses, and some despising. Well, sorry if you’re the latter, as they are making a very bold comeback this Autumn/Winter. We can see some lovely long hemlines and a really relaxed feel to most of these with some knitted fabrics. It’s nice to see this style almost reinvent itself with a really modern and updated style. You can bet I will have a few of these in my winter fits!

Look At Me Collars

This trend really makes me laugh as it perfectly sums up the ‘zoom meeting fashion’ a lot of you guys have been doing. A nice blouse on top and some trackies or pj bottoms on your bottom half! This trend is defiantly about making a statement, for the really bold and out there fashion queens.

Zara have really run with this trend, they have incorporated it into their knitted cardigans and textured blouses. This is a really fun trend, but not for everyone!

Chunky Flatforms

A follow on from last year, we see the flatform still going strong. I really enjoy this trend, it’s perfect if you need to add a little height, or want to make your legs appear longer. This trend has really taken over the winter boot this season, with many influencers, as I’m sure you have seen, taking this to a new level! I have seen many on my feed massively buying into this trend, with Doc Martin inspired knee length and ankle boots. So easy to style with short knitted dresses and tights, oversized t-shirts and bombers, or even the oversized blazer with belt detail as I mentioned above.

I excitingly bought some doc martins myself this weekend for my birthday (sadly have to wait until November for my mum to hand these over to me), but I cant wait to incorporate these into many of my winter fits!

Knitted Vests

HUGE! These will be everywhere, just you wait… I do like the idea of these, but I am yet to decide how I personally would style this. This trend goes hand-in-hand with the Cable Knit’s I mentioned earlier, with people wearing these as dresses. I’ve seen people wear knitted vests with jeans or flared trousers, which do look really stylish and cool. It in my opinion is quite an edgy trend, and gives me the preppy school girl vibes (also reminds me of Chandler Bing!!), but I am interested to add this into a potential look of mine through winter.

Thank you for reading guys! I really want to apologise as I have been MIA recently. I will admit that I have struggled through lockdown on occasions and have found myself to be so unmotivated and if I’m honest very lazy… but that’s ok sometimes!

I will be posting regularly from now, and I have lots of exciting posts coming where I will show you the beginings of my new wardrobe as we approach the new season!

Lots of love xxx


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