The Best Of Knitwear

Following on from my post earlier this week, I thought it would be fun to get straight into it and talk to you guys about the best knitwear high street retail has to offer us! And ooooof trust me it’s good.

Yes, you are right knitwear can be pricey. But if you know where to look you can find yourselves some amazing steals that will become essential staples for you to style throughout winter. It can be quite daunting flicking through so many pages filled with endless options of various knitwear options in so many shapes and colours. So here is a guide for you guys of all the beauties I have found!!

Chunky Cardigans

Bloody gorgeous! I actually have 6 different variations of the chunky cardigan myself that I am so obsessed with! They are really easy to style looking so effortlessly put together and on trend. My personal fave way to wear these is to pair with a bodysuit and jeans, but there are so many ways you can accessories outfits with these!

I find the best sites to shop these are H&M, Zara, & Topshop

Roll Necks

An essential for winter – you know that! Each year roll necks are updated ever so slightly to remain relevant and fashion forward. The update this year is the balloon sleeve, I really enjoy this feature. It just adds some sass to something so simple and basic. I’m also enjoying that quite a lot of roll necks I have seen are using the ribbed texture. I’m interested to try this out, as anything ribbed is always super comfy.

ASOS is a huge go to for me for roll neck jumpers, along with H&M and obviously Zara – essential for knitwear over winter!

Repurposed Fabric

After watching David Attenborough’s new documentary extinction and after his now huge presence on Instagram, I hope that a lot more of you all are looking to shop more sustainably! Some fabrics to look out for that are really sustainable are; linen, wool, hemp, recycled nylon, organic cotton. Granted some of these might be at a higher price point, but you could aim for those pieces to be your more staple knits. They tend to last a lot longer if you take good care of them too!

The H&M conscious range is amazing for this – really highly recommend taking a look on their website. Weekday are also all over this, the quality & fit of this brand is amazing, really worth the money.

Skirts & Dresses

There is nothing cosier than a knitted dress, trust me! With the weather drastically getting colder there is honestly nothing better to wear than a knitted skirt or dress. I always feel so cool and edgy when I wear a piece like this, just this weekend I went out for a roast in a roll neck maxi dress. The amount of compliments I got was so lovely, chunky trainers or flatform boots really make these looks.

The only words I have are Zara Zara Zara

Good luck choosing between all of these amazing options!!

Lots of love xxx


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