ASOS Design Staples

If you are all about stocking up your wardrobe with reliable staples then I have one place for you ASOS Design… ASOS is pretty much my go to for everything, new top? ASOS. Jeans? ASOS. Cute jumper? ASOS. You get the gist!

I never actually realised how many ASOS Design pieces I own until I decided to do this post, so I have gone through my favourite go to staples to share with you guys. They are all at such a reasonable price point, and have lasted me a good couple of months if not longer! Lets just get straight into it!

Black Cami’s

Who doesn’t love a cami? Easy to wear with ANYTHING, whenever! What ever the occasion, what ever the weather, you can incorporate a little cami into any outfit. I honestly have to say that all my Asos cami’s are my go to comfort tops. I love to pair them with jeans mainly these bad boys literally go with anything. Such a reliable staple that everyone needs in their wardrobe. The beauty of these is that they are always nearly under £10!

Cardi’s & Jumpers

I love a cardigan, I literally live in them over winter. They are just so easy, you can put on a really basic plain outfit and add a cardi on top and I just feel that you look really put together. Plus they are just really cosy, and they make your loungewear or laze around clothes look really cute. My top tip with a cardigan is to heavily accessorise. Big earrings, necklaces, cute headband! Make a really girly fun outfit out of a really plain outfit!

One of my fave jumpers that I love wearing I actually got last year from ASOS and I’ve already worn it a couple times this year! It’s lasted me so long even though I’ve washed it a thousand times. The quality, fit and stretch of the jumper are as good as when I bought it – which is amazing and very rare.

Leather Jacket

A classic staple in everyones wardrobe… a leather jacket. Literally who doesn’t own one right!? I am so pleased with the one I got from ASOS, its great quality and is so comfy. I’ve found that leather jackets I have owned in the past have been really rigid and stiff, even after wearing a couple of times. In this one I really didn’t feel restricted at all, it’s really light even with a hoodie underneath it – defiantly rate this a 9/10!

(I got in a size 12 so it would be slightly oversized!)


ASOS Design are the only jeans that actually fit me well. No matter how hard I try to buy Topshop/Zara/H&M jeans it never works out for me. I am never ever able to buy a pair of jeans that fit me both on the legs and the waist. Its a gift and a curse at the same time being a curvy girl! I’ve owned 3 pairs of jeans from ASOS, and they truly have all been amazing. My favourite are the MOM styled jeans, in fact I do have them in 2 different shades (the darker and the lighter shade denim). I wear them with everything! I used to absolutely hate wearing jeans, they made me feel frumpy and I was convinced for a while that jeans gave me a tummy ache… Has anyone else thought this before?! I know my one of my friends thinks that has happened to her, so I’m convinced its a thing! But I never find myself running straight upstairs after I get home and putting on a pair of trackies or pj bottoms to chill in.

For some strange reason I can’t find any photos of me in any of my jeans, so here are the photos from the website… You will 100% be seeing these though in later posts as I say, I literally wear them all the time! I apologise for the rubbish photos, they are linked below so you can have a proper look!

Knitted Dresses

Following my two latest posts, you will be seeing a lot of jumper dresses on my blog. I recently ordered these two gorgeous dresses and I can’t wait to style them over winter. They were so reasonably priced, and are so cosy – perfect for the cold winter weather. I have only worn one out so far, but I got so many compliments when I went out for dinner wearing it! I can’t wait to build up my collection!

Hope you guys liked this post. Plenty more hauls coming your way! For more content please follow The Talking Wardrobe on Instagram!

Lots of love xxx

Black Ribbed Bodysuit –

Black Back Detail Cami –

Black Rouged Detail Cami –

Chunky Cardigan –

Pink Roll Neck – No Longer On Site

Leather Jacket –

Light Wash Slouchy Mom Jeans –

Midwash Slouchy Mom Jeans –

Ribbed Midi Oatmeal Dress –

Grey Roll Neck Mini Dress –


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  1. I love Asos so much. Fab post – thank you for sharing! Ell x


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