23 Celebrations!

So I turned 23 on Tuesday… feels crazy to say that I’m 23! I had the loveliest day considering it was a lockdown birthday and I couldn’t see my family. It’s so odd getting all dressed up to sit around in your home all day, but that’s what I did and I felt really cool! Doing what I do best I had some outfit changes throughout the day to keep it exciting, so I thought I could show you guys what I wore…

A simple but comfortable look during the day, my trousers are from Topshop – they are actually part of a suit that I am yet to buy the blazer to. Whats the point at the moment? They are so light and I really like the way that they just fall from the waist. The only thing I wish was that they were a little bit longer, if you pull them up to be slightly more high waisted then they become ankle grazers that I’m not really a big fan of at the moment. They are also elasticated at the back so they are really forgiving and don’t give you those horrible tummy roles you get sometimes when sitting down in trousers – the worst right!? Paired with a simple off the shoulder long sleeved black top, the look is just understated and chic.

Later on in the afternoon we went for a really cute walk at Wimpole with my lovely dog, but as it is freezing wrapping up warm was completely necessary… My scarf is from Tesco’s F&F, I picked it up last year during a food shop – supermarket clothing sections are genuinely where I tend to pick up winter gloves, scarfs and hats! They are always really fashionable and most importantly super affordable. My hat I got for my birthday last year, but I’m sure you can find similar ones on ASOS or any retailer really. I lived in winter bucket hats last winter – they are so good for dog walking or outdoor occasions. God send on a greasy hair day!

For my evening look and mini cocktail party, I wore my classic mom fit slouchy jeans that yes I did buy in another colour because they are simply the best! I really just love wearing mom jeans at the moment, I feel like they go with anything! My top is an ASOS Design number, I really like it because of the one sleeve detail and it is a knitted top so the material is nice and thick, not see through at all…. YAY!

My accessories will be covered in a separate post coming next week, I’ve got some really cute bits to share with you guys!

Thank you all for reading & for the lovely birthday messages.

Lots of love xxx


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