Inside My Jewellery Box

Oooo, an exciting jewellery post today. I absolutely love jewellery, its such a key fashion essential that can bring so much to an outfit. I am so lucky because I got some amazing bits for my birthday that I had to share with you! Getting bits like these as gifts I think is just so special because you can treasure them forever, and you get items that you may not have necessarily bought yourself.

I thought this could be a helpful post for Christmas present ideas!? …

PDPAOLA is where a lot of my jewellery is now from! I found them on instagram probably around this time last year, I was constantly receiving adds for the initial necklaces that they do and I knew I needed to own one. I don’t tend to spend a lot on necklaces that I buy myself, probably £15 max as they always seem to tarnish or I fall out of love with them after a couple of weeks. This particular necklace had been on a wish-list of mine for so long now and I was lucky enough to get it for my birthday! I just think its so pretty with all the different coloured gem stones, I’ve not seen one like it anywhere else which was also a reason I was drawn to it. I also love how thin and dainty the chain is, I love it so much! 10/10

From the same brand I also have this beauiful necklace and bracelet set, sort of similar to the one above in the way that it has the coloured gem stones but they are quite muted and really simple and elegant. Again on a really dainty chain, and buildable if you wanted to wear other items with them both.

My Swarovski bracelet I got for Christmas last year, I like how it is quite chunky and almost a bit bangley. Perfect for any dressier occasions or date nights! An amazing gift if you ask me!

I am so obsessed with my new watch! I’ve been in desperate need of a new watch for at least a year now – have been wearing my silly Casio one for way too long. I think its quite hard to find the perfect watch as you will be wearing it everyday for at least 2 years + if you want to spend a bit of money on it. I also am extremely terrible for some reason at keeping hold of watches – for unrelated reasons each watch I have owned has ended up broken one way or another… My Olivia Burton one the strap would constantly fall off, and the face ended up getting all smashed up. Anyway, I found this really simple pretty watch from a brand called RoseField, they are a company based in Amsterdam & New York and all of their watches are so nice, not excessively expensive too so a great Christmas gift idea! I don’t really like watches that have a load of sparkle and diamonds placed all over them, so this really plain and to the point design is perfect for me. Its also quite small too which is another bonus for me, I don’t really like big chunky watches. As you can see I am very fussy…

Everyone has their staple earrings and mine are probably very similar to all of yours! I wear gold jewellery so a classic hoop is probably my go to. I own them in all different shapes and sizes! Below are my favourite go to earrings that I think are just really cute and simple. I do have 8 piercings so my earring collection is quite large, but hey who’s complaining!? I don’t tend to change out most of the earrings just mainly my first holes – a bit lazy on my part but its just a lot easier. Apologies for these terrible photo’s!!!

Hopefully this has helped for some inspiration to gift some jewlerry over the festive season or even to expand your current collection!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love xxx


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