Raiding My Nan’s Wardrobe!!

So to a lot of you this might sound like such an odd thing to do, why the heck would I go and take my nan’s old clothes – let alone wear them?! Hear me out on this one. I didn’t plan to do this and go through all of the bits at the back of her wardrobe, but we were having a clear out and my god did I come across some incredible finds!

I will genuinely say that I am planning on wearing all of these items and have planned where/what to wear them to already! Let’s just jump straight in.

This is actually the jacket that my Nan wore to my parents wedding in the 90’s, bare in mind that she is absolutely tiny, has been a size 8 her whole life! I really like this because its so different, obviously blazers are a huge trend now and will continue to be most likely over the next year, but this one is fitted and a lot shorter compared to the crazy oversized styles we’re seeing at the moment. The button positioning and pockets just bring a unique and fresh feel with this – great for standing out or bringing some originality to your outfits. I thought this could be such a good ‘work meeting’ jacket, it goes great with my wide leg trousers above (with a white shirt or blouse), or you can dress it down with a pair of jeans and a bodysuit for a more casual setting.

I feel so cool and powerful wearing this suit! Again how different – along the lines of the trends we see now with matching blazers and wide leg trousers but with a different spin. This just shouts girl boss at me looking at these photos! Great for job interviews, or meetings – but can also be dressed down with jeans, but still bringing that professional and put together vibe. This jacket still has the shoulder pads in, which may or may not be removed when it comes to actually wearing this! (Sorry Nan), I’ve never been the biggest fan of the shoulder pad trend, maybe it just doesn’t suit my body because I really like when I see other people with them. All in all I’m so happy that I came across this and will defiantly be wearing once we are aloud out of the house!!

By far my most favouite find!! A beautiful vintage real leather jacket. It’s just amazing!!! I’m so lucky I beat my cousin into finding this because she would have loved it – sorry Lily, you snooze you loose. My Nan told me she remembers this was her first big purchase on clothing, she remembers going down to London and picking it out. I sadly have removed the shoulder pads on this, I looked like a toy solider with them in… The vision I have wearing this is with a cosy knitted dress, my DM’s and a beanie hat – complete winter vibes! So so glad that she let me keep this, such a cool vintage thing to find, I was never expecting to come across something like this that’s for sure.

Last but not least, and before she thinks I’ve cleaned out her closet is this gorgeous bag. You wouldn’t think twice seeing a bag like this in TopShop or Zara now. So Cute, so dainty, and actually very compact. A lovely addition to my bag collection. Goes to show doesn’t it, fashion just rotates in one big circle! Maybe one day my kids might want to re-wear some of these items!

If there’s one thing to learn from this post its that not always having brand new clothing is always worth it. You can find so many amazing items in your Mum’s, Nan’s or Aunties wardrobes, even places like charity shops! If I didn’t take these bits off her hands they would have gone straight in a charity bag, so thank you very much Pam – you’ve certainly given my wardrobe the spruse up it desired this winter!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun writing it. See you guys next week!

Lots of love xxx


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