• Inside My Jewellery Box

    Inside My Jewellery Box

    Oooo, an exciting jewellery post today. I absolutely love jewellery, its such a key fashion essential that can bring so much to an outfit. I am so lucky because I got some amazing bits for my birthday that I had to share with you! Getting bits like these as gifts I think is just so […]

  • 23 Celebrations!

    23 Celebrations!

    So I turned 23 on Tuesday… feels crazy to say that I’m 23! I had the loveliest day considering it was a lockdown birthday and I couldn’t see my family. It’s so odd getting all dressed up to sit around in your home all day, but that’s what I did and I felt really cool! […]

  • Supporting Small Buisnesses

    Supporting Small Buisnesses

    As lock down 2.0 looms over us we sadly see so many local/small business forced to shut. It’s important that we don’t rush to the big retailers, and we support all small businesses – especially with Christmas round the corner! Today’s post is going to highlight a couple of small business that I think are […]

  • Weekend Fits

    Weekend Fits

    Hi guys! Hoping you’ve all being having a nice start of the week! Mines not been going so smoothly, but hey thats fine – I’m having one of those weeks where everything imaginable that could have gone wrong has …. but you have to laugh eh! I thought I would share a couple outfits that […]