Dress Down Fridays

I know, I said was trying to stop with the black and white… oops.

A pinafore skirt, what a beautiful creation. I mean… I love it! I can’t stress enough how comfortable this skirt is, its really soft and stretchy and pulls you in in all the right places! This outfit literally works with anything, shopping, lunch, dog walks, work, all sorts. I like it because it’s different. I haven’t seen many people around wearing this style of skirt, and to me that’s a good thing. I don’t like just blending in with what everyone’s wearing, I like to set my own style and be a little out there sometimes. I’m not saying this skirt is crazy and stands out massively but it is something new. Huge bonus too, you can pretty much wear it with anything, black t-shirt, white t-shirt like me, a long sleeved body, a shirt, whatever grabs your fancy! And at just £25 from Asos I don’t think you can go wrong! I genuinely mean this, for how good the quality is I would easily pay more for it.

I’ve stayed very minimal on the accessories for this look, just because the point of this outfit was to be very causal and chill. I was just heading to town to pick a few bits up, so really didn’t need something overly extravagant. I went with my mini red rucksack for my bag, mainly because it is so useful and easy just to throw over my shoulder and to bring a bit of colour to the outfit. If you were wanting to jazz this look up a bit you could easily add a red lip and some red hoop earrings to keep it edgy but add a bolder feel to it. I’m wearing my CDG converse because they are so comfy, and really work with skirts and dresses if you were wanting to dress something down, and hey, they look pretty great with the outfit don’t they!

A short but sweet post, hope you like this look!! Outfit details below.

Skirt – Asos

T-shirt – Mens Topman

Bag – Topshop

Shoes – CDG Converse

Earrings – Topshop


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