Long time no see!

Long time no see! Apologies for going a-wall, I am back and not planning on going anywhere!! My reasoning/ excuse for going MIA is I’ve got a new job and settling in has taken a little longer than I thought – new routine and everything!

So I thought I would come back with a really cute summery outfit that I put together for a friends birthday party – bare in mind when I say summery it was during that lovely heat wave …. Seems like century’s ago now doesn’t it? I apologise as I didn’t really get any great photo’s for this outfit, (drink might have been involved and I forgot). Excuse the complete drunken mess posing…  But I feel you can still appreciate this look as it remains to be one of my favourite outfits to date.  

The top is from Missguided and follows the milkmaid boho trend. (as you already know I love this!) It’s a cropped style and is really flattering around the neck line. I love the puffy shoulders and the eyelet clasps going up through the bust. I have kind of moved on a bit passed the crop top phase, I’m sure I will revisit – but I really love this top as the skirt I’m wearing is high waisted, so I feel not a lot of my midriff is out on show!

This skirt is just beautiful, I actually got it last year from Burshka for £20, its had it’s fair share of wares, definitely worth every penny. The colour is just so complimentary to my skin colour, especially when I’ve caught a bit of a tan. I love how it is almost ruffled and has loads of shape without being to puffy or too flat. The way the hem comes out and across your legs and then effortlessly drops down gives you the illusion of these amazing curves and makes your legs look longer – which is amazing! The length is a perfect midi skirt and I really like how it follows the trend of the slit without having one by the length down one leg coming up shorter.

Now you obviously can’t see my shoes in this picture because I am useless, and have swapped them for a pair or sliders as the dancing started to commence! But I will insert a picture here of what I wore. They are such a lovely pair of shoes, I love dressing them down too with a pair of jeans I think they look equally fabulous! I really love mules because they are the comfiest shoe ever, if you’ve ever worn then I’m sure that you would agree with me! I bought them in nude/pink because I think its pretty for summer and gives a bit more of a girlier look to my outfits when I’m in all black/ plain dull colours. The heel is also perfect as it is more of a casual shoe so you don’t want anything too high – and you want to be able to walk around in them without killing your feet! I wear these to work and don’t struggle at all!

I will also insert a picture of my earrings here too as you really can’t see them in the picture, they are a really cute hoop that I like to wear particularly when I have my hair up as they are more of a statement peice. I really like the marble affect and that they are a little different to the big bold costume jewelry you see everywhere at the moment.

Overall, like I said this is one of my favorite outfits, and I think that the top and the skirt look so high fashion with anything you wear with them. Whether it be a plain t-shirt with the skirt or a pair of jeans with the top! I hope you agree with me here that this look shouts holiday vibes!

Top – Missguided

Skirt – Bershka

Shoes – ASOS

Earrings – Topshop


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  1. Such a cute outfit!😚

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