Who’s Influencing My Fashion This Winter?

There are certainly a lot of influencers out there on Instagram now days, I’m sure we’ve all experienced them dominating our feeds most the time! So I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite people that I’m following at the moment, and the huge influence they have on what I have been buying recently.

I won’t lie to you, some of these haven’t changed since I did a similar blog last summer along these lines! You’ll find most of these lovely ladies are British as obivously we are all experiencing the same freezing cold English weather together! Lets just dive straight in ….

I have linked in there Instagram’s in the headings so its really easy for you guys to check them out!

1. Cinzia Baylis-Zullo

I am personally a big fan of Cinzia anyway as I have always watched her on YouTube with her best friend Sophia, its been really fun watching them both grow to become huge fashion influencers and learn lots of style/beauty tips off them . Cinzia has defiantly been dominating all the autumn fashion inspo and killing it with her Instagram feed. She deffinalty is my number one influence at the moment for all my AW fashion!

2. Jess Hunt

I have followed Jess for quite a while now, and her instagram feed is something you need to check out if you are wanting some fashion inspiration. If I have a mental block and I can’t figure out at all what to wear she is one of my go to’s to guide me in some sort of direction. One reason I recon I gravitate towards her because she is quite tall so I always know that outfits will be a similar length on me as they are on her. It’s so frustrating buying something because you’ve seen it on someone and it comes and its way to short/long because you just assume they are the same height as you!

3. Naomi Genes

Without fail the best person to follow if you love coats! Having had her own coat line is probably a massive factor as to why, but seriously!! Amazing, she always looks so cosy and chic. Her style is so minimal which is why I love it so much, a girl after own heart (is that the saying!?), lives in jeans and jumpers. Go and check out her feed, you’ll see what I mean…

4. Sophia Tuxford

Name a better duo? The other half of my favourite YouTubers, Sophia is a huge style inspiration for me. I really like how daring she is with some of her looks, she has this really tomboy vibe with a lot of the outfits she puts together. She has an insane figure so whatever she wears looks amazing, a really good follow for you guys!

5. Hattie Bourne

I love following Hattie, a mum of the cutest 2 boys ever, she’s always on the go but still always looks so put together and cool. She creates really everyday/casual outfits but just makes them look so fashionable and fresh. I like that she wears more affordable clothes so we don’t fall in love with certain items and find that they actually £100’s of £!

Hope this helps with some of you if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or just need a little inspo!

Thanks for reading guys!

Lots of Love xxxx

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