Weekend Fits

Hi guys! Hoping you’ve all being having a nice start of the week! Mines not been going so smoothly, but hey thats fine – I’m having one of those weeks where everything imaginable that could have gone wrong has …. but you have to laugh eh! I thought I would share a couple outfits that I wore over the weekend with you. I’m really trying hard to cut back on buying so many clothes which is leaving me to become more imaginative with old tops and bits I’ve found at the bottom of my wardrobe! Hold tight for a blog post on renovating my old outfits…

Here is a picture of me enjoying my pizza in my lovely chocolate top. I LOVE this colour, when I do buy some new stuff you can bet that it will be all the browns! They really have been making an impact the last few weeks, everyone is in these gorgeous autumnal colours and I am here for it. A super easy simple outfit, thrown on with a pair of jeans and some chunky trainers for a night of drinking with some friends. The top is from Zara and cost me £7, bargain right!? Any basics I normally do turn to Zara simply because of the quality and the price. I really like the rouging down the side of the top with the tying detail, to just add a little something to a plain t-shirt.

My cute roll neck vest! This top I believe you can wear with anything – and as you will see a little further down I just couldn’t decide what bottoms! I found this in the ASOS sale a couple of weeks back and again I say a total bargain! I only paid a couple of pounds for it as it was reduced a couple of times. The only thing I would change is that I got a bigger size, wouldn’t be totally forgiving if you are going out a for a heavy lunch – is a little tighter than anticipated!

And here is the top again, but with this amazing knitted skirt I got from Zara. I love this skirt so much I am going back to buy it in more colours. Its so thick and comfy to wear and I really like the length of the slit in it. Makes it completely appropriate to wear at work, or around your family! The most awkward moment ever when I wore a dress with a gigantic slit in it around my family…. never again! I’ve worn this skirt with a really chunky black turtle neck as a co-ord which I really liked, it being black is just perfect – will go with anything!

(Excuse the messy room)

Thank you for reading guys! Happy Wednesday!

I do have some exciting days planned next week so I promise to blog some dressier outfits!

Lots of love xxx


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