Pre Lockdown 3.0

Well, hello. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and managed to see a small amount of family and friends! Certainly was a strange one wasn’t it. I apologise for my lack of presence but to be honest, I’ve not been anywhere and I’ve not worn anything but joggers. So this post is sharing my Christmas and New Years look, and a couple looks before lockdown hit…

Christmas Day was very underwhelming, but I decided to still try and make the most of it by wearing a cute fit and actually putting some make up on! I wore my fluffy jumper a post back, but here I have styled it slightly differently with my super chic ‘cow’ print mini skirt and a black racer back vest. This outfit was extremely comfy and had loads of of stretch which was needed after eating our Christmas dinner! – (first one I’ve ever cooked, don’t want to blow my own horn but watch out Mum!) My Christmas Day look was accessorised with some very cosy slippers and a very stylish blanket wrapped round me for the majority of the day. (I was a bit ill that’s why I look so horrendous)

What a random New Years, we cooked a delicious Mexican and played some games and went to bed just after the countdown. One defiantly to be forgotten… I felt really sad, as we always have really huge themed New Years parties, but again tried to make the most of with lots of food and drink! I wore jeans so I felt like I was making a bit of effort but was still really comfortable, and my cute little cami I actually found in a bag of clothes under my bed! Its from RiverIsland which I admit to never shopping at, so must have come from staff allowance or something when I worked there. It was really soft and the straps didn’t fall down all night, which usually happens with little camis for me. Anyway, here is my New Years 2020 look.

Can’t remember when I wore this outfit as it was so long ago! But I really love these neutral tones paired together, big street-ware vibes. Not too much to say on this as I was useless and only took one photo… but my bodysuit is from Bershka and utility trousers from TopShop. God, I am very pale need to get back with the fake tanning!!! My lovely green cropped jumper is also from Topshop, and honestly the cosiest softest jumper I have ever worn. I could live in this, I would never normally choose something in this green shade but I just thought that it went nicely with my dark hair so thought I would trial it – I am very pleased!

Sorry for this pretty boring post, just wanted to get something out to you guys and I hadn’t shared these looks! Lots of cute lockdown loungewear coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love xxx


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