Slouchy Sundays

I feel like everyday is the new slouchy Sunday, everything revolves around comfort, and I love it!!

I am fully aware of how weird this pose is, I was trying to show you my silky wide leg trousers and this is what my brain thought was a good idea… They are dreamy though right!? Zara sale, £12.99. I’m having to stop myself from wearing them everyday because they are so soft and comfortable and super easy to style. Its always amazing when you find your ultimate favourite trousers isn’t it!? Here I am wearing them with my H&M knitted jumper, I just love this whole slouchy, baggy vibe.

Keeping it very real with the fact that this is all that I have been wearing. Whats the point right? I admire people who get up and ready in the mornings even when they have no where to go, that just is not me. I vary in colours, but this is what you are bound to see me in for the next month or however long this bloody lockdown lasts for! Also can you see that I have came across a new hair style, hahaha.

Look, here I am again in my cream jumper – told you I love it… I thought I’d add this is here to say its ok to wear the same items of clothing over and over, not everything has to be bought brand new! We buy things because we like them and they catch our eye and then never wear them again because we don’t want to seem boring or repeat outfits, but that’s ok!! You can style certain pieces really differently and often you can never tell that you wore that top last week…

Beauty, ey? This mesh top is from Topshop, and so easy to style. You could wear with jeans like I have, leather trousers, skirts, or could even look really cute under a slip dress. Have to make the most of that zoom quiz on a Saturday night with your friends and put on a nice top and some make up on – that’s as exciting as it gets these days sadly.

Trying to take a picture while I remember of these outfits! (I AM TERRIBLE) if you guys haven’t seen already I have revamped The Talking Wardrobe , and the photos and feed over on my Instagram will be so much better I promise!! I need to kick my arse into gear and hire my live in photographer again – sorry Theo! Anyway, just was really feeling a brown moment so put these together, and I’m not mad at it. So nice to have a colour co-ordinated fashion day. Literally can’t go wrong…

I’ll give you a little hint at next weeks post, something a little different to what I’ve posted about before, defiantly a sporty inspired spend.

Talk to you guys next week, thanks for reading!!

Lots of love xxxx


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